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Welcome to JPS Software. We are a modern software company which is dedicated to providing individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses with all of the tools required to grow their business, meet exposure goals, and maintain a professional presence through the use of technology.

We believe in providing a managed service and seek to maintain the often-complex side of technology for you, allowing you the time and freedom to focus on running your business. We work with you to understand the specific needs of your project and provide a robust platform of products and services to holistically meet your needs. Whether you are looking for someone to maintain your existing services – or you are starting from scratch and trying to figure out the best path forwards – JPS Software has experts in-house ready to serve you!

Our Process

Our process starts with a totally free quote consultation with one of our engineers. During this consultation we discuss your current project’s needs as well as review any growth models or strategies that you may have for your project. If you do not have any growth models, we work with you to predict your ideal growth. We then use this information to build a quote for a service profile specifically fit around your individual projects goals, ensuring that all of your needs are met. During this consultation we answer any questions that you may have while providing expert advice on our recommended solutions to meet your needs. We then summarize this consultation with a quote for services.

We strongly believe that technology should be a great asset for small-to-medium sized businesses and individuals, rather than a complex burden which detracts from an opportunity for growth. To this end, our process is simple and puts a strong focus on ensuring that all of your needs are met without compromise. This allows us to provide you with a stable and scalable foundation for web-based services that can truly support your business, now and into the future.

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Hosted Solutions

Working together with JPS Tech, our Hosted Solutions division; we are able to keep our promise of providing managed, full-scale services. JPS Tech offers all of the physical products required to own and maintain a website of any size. From Domain Names to Hosting to professional Email and even Microsoft Office 365 licensing, JPS Tech offers a wide array of web-based products. We provide free 24/7 technical support and 100% free migration support for clients who wish to transfer their services to JPS Tech.

To deliver on our promise to provide managed solutions, we are able to request delegate access to all accounts created within the JPS Tech storefront. This allows us to manage your products and services on your behalf – without requiring you to ever compromise your account’s security by sharing your password with anyone! If you ever wish to terminate our delegate access, you may easily do so through your JPS Tech account’s settings.

Website Services

Our goal is to provide all the necessary services required to complete your project. During and throughout your project timeline we want you to enjoy the process of having our services provided. When paired with our hosted solutions we are able to deliver managed, full-scale services requiring no technical effort on your part.

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