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What We Offer

We are a National Association of Realtors associated realty firm, capable of working with first time or experienced property buyers, sellers, investors, and developers, in both residential and commercial property. With experience in assisting both buyers and sellers across a wide range of property, we are dedicated to using our experiences to empower our clients and help them find satisfaction in their real estate needs.

Our Company

With over 14 years of experience in buying and selling property, property management, real estate development, and real estate investment spanning multiple states, we learned early on what specific needs our clients may have in buying and selling their properties. Over these years, we have gained keen insight to some of the potential issues that may arise during our clients’ cases. We started JPS Realty based on those experiences to minimize the challenges that exist in all real estate transactions. Ultimately striving for a joyful and efficient process, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier service quality to our clients through experience and insight.

Our interests are heavily vested in proper and fruitful communication so that the interests of our clients are fulfilled. As such, our process is involved and ensures that a robust system of communication is constantly furthered, providing all clients with foresight into their cases regarding everything from local market trends, to issues impacting any specific property in order that the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

We welcome the first-time buyer as well as the heavily experienced real estate investor to allow us to bring joy to the process for you.

Our Realtors

JPS Realty: Melissa Bradshaw

Melissa Bradshaw


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Caleb Cline

NC Realtor

JPS Realty: Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson

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