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JPS Law is dedicated to delivering top quality legal services utilizing a personal relationship with clients while providing absolute discretion and privacy. We understand that to clients, needing legal help or advice can be one of the most stressful times in life. We believe that the relationship between the attorney and the client is a very personal relationship, and we give our clients quality advice and direction for peace of mind. Personal safety, privacy, and the safeguarding of private information is paramount and as important to us as it is to you.

Our Company

JPS Law began because we wanted to transition to an environment where we could build a service based on our core values. It is of paramount importance that we provide our clients with not only expert legal counsel, but also a personalized experience incorporating practices that make our clients comfortable.

We have been active in the general practice of law for over 12 years in criminal law, civil law, property law, wills and estates, and family law. Additionally, our team members have engaged in fields such as private investigator investigations, private insurance investigations, real estate investing, grant coordination and writing, coordination and negotiations with the Department of Environmental Quality, and many other fields tangential to the practice of law. Through these years of experience we are capable of providing a robust service to our clients in a broad set of areas.

Although we serve clients across a wide area, we believe in small town values and respect as part of the JPS Group. Each client is not only a service provided but a personal relationship founded on mutual trust and respect. We are here to walk beside our clients and stand up for them when they need it most. While our business hours are listed as during the business week, we are available for our clients in emergency cases as needed.

If you feel that you need legal advice, or are looking for someone to stand in your corner along with you, please call us and give us the opportunity to fight for you.

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