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Delivering evolved services, by guiding our clients on the road to their success.

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Pushing the boundaries of innovation through excellence in all we do.

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Who We Are

JPS Group manages and comprises of companies which operate as a JPS company: JPS Building Group, JPS Law, JPS Realty and JPS Software. JPS Companies are focused on delivering quality services to our communities through a strong set of core business values and an unwavering dedication to excellence. We are able to incorporate many experts from many fields under one roof, united by our personal values and commitment to our client’s goals. From construction and law to real estate services and software development, we have an expert ready to make your dreams a reality.

Our Company

JPS Group was formed from a partnership between experts from many different professions each with a singular goal in mind, namely: to build an environment in which each company may unite under one unifying brand; to strengthen the services that we are able to provide and pool our experiences as well as our professional values to build stronger and more resilient services for our clients. Our interests are aligned in a way that focus on strong relationships in our communities built between not only our partners and companies, but our individual clients as well.

We each enjoy doing what we do and strongly believe that when provided a service, you should enjoy the process just as much as the end result. We believe that we stand apart from other providers in this regard, having learned over the years what is best in our respective fields and honing our practices to perfection. We heavily focus on our relationship with you as a client in understanding your specific needs and are committed to delivering five-star products with five-star services, all the while providing you expert service that you can confidently trust.

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