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Bringing joy to the process: pushing the boundaries of innovation through excellence in all we do.

JPS Group manages and comprises all of the companies that operate as a JPS company: JPS Building Group, JPS Law, JPS Realty, and JPS Software. We are focused on delivering quality services to our communities through a strong set of core business values and a dedication to excellence. We are able to incorporate many experts from many fields under one roof, united by personal values and commitment to our clients goals. From construction to law; from real estate services to software, we can handle your property needs.

Our Company

JPS Group was formed with one goal in mind, namely: to build an environment in which multiple experts are able to pool their experiences and values to better serve our local and national community. Our interests are aligned in a way that focuses on strong relationships in our communities built between not only our companies, but our individual customers and clients as well.

We enjoy doing what we do, and we believe that when you are provided a service, you should enjoy that process, too. We stand apart from other providers in this regard, having learned over the years what is best in these fields and perfecting it. We focus on our relationship with you as a client and in understanding your specific project needs. We are committed to delivering five-star products with five-star service, all the while providing you expert service that you can trust.

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